Extremism Has No Place in our Faith or Our Country

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Ahmadi Muslims in UK Support Measures to Tackle Extremism and Protect Freedoms
The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK welcomes efforts to counter extremism. Rafiq Hayat, National President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK, said:

“We welcome the Prime Minister’s renewed focus on tackling the root causes of extremism. The issue must be tackled from the home and community centres. However wider measures are also needed to ensure that extremist views are not given the oxygen of publicity and it requires firm steps and firm action if progress is to be made.“We acknowledge the Prime Minister’s reference to Islam being a religion of peace, but we disagree that there is any link to Islam and extremism. There is absolutely no link and the Holy Quran rejects extremism outright. It is unfortunately true that certain Muslims carry out terrorists acts in the name of Islam, and for such horrific acts those Muslims must be accountable, not the religion of Islam.”

“The speech contained a number of positive ideas, such as giving parents the right to cancel children’s passports, the need for the media to have greater responsibility in the views it promotes and the need to monitor preachers of hate online and in international broadcasts – all these are critical for our security.”“Our Caliph, His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, has repeatedly spoken of the need for all to uphold the principles of peace and his community has lead an international peace campaign to promote values of loyalty, freedom and peace. He has called for greater dialogue based on mutual respect so that freedom of speech can enhance rather than eradicate social harmony.”

“In taking its work forward the Government also has a responsibility to ensure that in its drive to tackle extremism it provides space for discussion and views that have no link with extremism. In promoting the concept of loyalty the government can go further and introduce a pledge of loyalty to one’s country for all children in schools. The Ahmadiyya Muslim community, as part of its pledge includes such a statement to promote loyalty of its members to their country of residence as we see loyalty to our country as a key part of our faith. This promotes identity, integration and inspires our youth to serve their country with pride.”


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