Rt Hon Sir Edward Davey MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Vice-Chair of the APPG for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

Thank you for letting me send this short message of support on behalf of my political party, the Liberal Democrats. I want to say thank you to the whole community. Thank you for all the amazing charitable work you do. From Humanity First to the hands on help so generously offered time and again, not least, by the youth movement. Thank you for getting involved in so many community events. From selling poppies ahead of Remembrance Sunday to organising street parties for this year’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations for our Queen. And thank you, above all, to His Holiness, for his advice and guidance to me, but especially for his global leadership, for the cause of peace in our troubled world. That’s why we must also remember that millions of Ahmadis around the world still face persecution and discrimination on a daily basis. Especially in Pakistan, where targeted killings, the desecration of mosques are now shockingly commonplace. The Liberal Democrats and I will continue to hold the UK government to account and work with them, cross-party, to make sure our country is doing all that we can to combat the persecution of Ahmadi Muslims wherever it occurs.