Crawley Ahmadi Muslims host police visit

For several years now, Sussex Police have been bringing new recruits to Noor Mosque in Crawley, as part of the “Places of worship tours and talks” to promote understanding of faiths amongst the police.

From 8th – 11th March, around 30-35 Police officers convened each day at 11am to be given a briefing in the mosque. Mr Ahsan Ahmedi from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community gave them a tour of the mosque followed by a presentation on Islam and the role a mosque plays in the community.

For many of the officers, it was their first visit inside a Mosque and they were greatly appreciative.

Positive Action Recruitment Lead for Sussex Police (based at Crawley Police), DS Sapna Patel said:

“We are so grateful to Ahmadiyya Muslim Community who always have been so helpful. Having a base at the mosque helped make this event a great success. Everyone at the Police station is talking about Noor Mosque, praising the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community”.

Sussex police also tweeted the event with many officers and members of the public commenting or re-tweeting.

One Police officer said: “It’s the first time I have been inside a mosque. I was so scared before not knowing if I was allowed. But today I was made so welcome that I want to come again. It was so peaceful and I felt the need to contemplate. I hope to come again.”