Dishes from 9p per serving!

About the Campaign

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to have a serious impact on the UK and many are struggling to make ends meet. Even buying food to feed the family can be a challenge, so in addition to supporting foodbanks, helping distribute school meals, providing cooked food for frontline staff and helping neighbours we wanted to share ideas on how families can save money by cooking at home rather than buying ready meals that can be costly.

This initiative by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community shows how tasty, healthy meals can be cooked at home for as little as 9 pence per serving. The campaign features a recipe booklet and short video tutorial on how to make these dishes quickly, easily and cheaply – with no compromise on taste!

We aim to distribute some recipe starter packs as well to get people going and hope that it inspires people to do more.

The feedback for the campaign has been very positive but most importantly we hope it means fewer people need to skip meals. A lot more needs to be done but we hope this helps in its own small way.

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