Calgary’s Ahmadiyya Muslims take aim at ISIS terrorist and radicalization of youth

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Love for all, hatred for none.

That’s the motto of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community who joined a nationwide campaign Sunday dubbed ‘Stop The Crisis,’ taking a stand against radicalization of youth and the extremist influence of ISIS.Local Muslims stepped up to support the cause at Cardel Place in northeast Calgary, preaching messages of education for their youth to remove the negative misconceptions of Islam. Over the last year, Calgary has become a hub for youth joining the ISIS terrorist group.Several Calgarians including Damian Clairmont and brothers Collin and Gregory Gordon are just some of the recent cases to have joined the extremist group.

Farah Malik, the Calgary organizer of Stop The Crisis, said the aim is to educate and rid the stigma of violence wrongly placed on Islam. “We must come together and let the world know Islam means ‘peace’ and those who teach violence are sick-minded people frustrated with their own lives — we have to change that today,” she said. Sultan Mahmood with the Ahmadiyya Muslim community emphasized the importance of young Muslims attaining the proper information.“Our youth — Muslim or not — must go straight to the sources of all Islam teachings and take a step back before they think it is teaching violence, discrimination, or terrorism,” he said.

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