Baitul Ghafoor Mosque youngsters win big for kids in Africa

monticelllo/ Getty Images

A TEAM of Halesowen children scored a big win for charity by coming first in a football fundraiser.

The team from Baitul Ghafoor Mosque, Long Lane, won the event organised by the Ahmadiya Muslim Children’s Association.

Six teams from across the West Midlands took part in the tournament to support Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s charity, Humanity First, which provides free education in Africa.

Muhammad Daud, youth leader for Halesowen, said: “We try to instil values of charity, gratefulness and care for others into the children from a very young age.

“These children from Halesowen took time out of their holidays to raise funds for children in Africa.

“The charity challenge is named ‘Mercy for Mankind’ as that is the title that was given to our Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) who taught that it is necessary for every person to get an education, so these children are looking to help those who do not have the opportunities they have.

“The children made new friendships and are going to make a difference to hundreds of children’s lives in deprived areas of Africa.”