Ahmadiyya Muslims Promote Tolerance by Charity Walk for Peace

A Muslim community targeted by extremism in the UK has pledged to defy the hate by a walk for peace to raise money for charity.

Following the murder of a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Glasgow the elders of the community have decided to literally step forward to advance the cause of peace and unity.
Hundreds of Ahmadiyya Muslims will aim to enhance the £2.4m the community has already raised for many British charities since 1998.The sponsored Charity Walk for Peace will be held on 29 May at Docklands, East London.

Ijaz Rehman, President, Ahmadiyya Muslim Elders Association UK said:
“Islam teaches us to promote peace in every situation so it is our duty to put this noble principle into action. That is why charity is so important to us and why our ethos is Love for All, Hatred for None.“We were shocked when one of our members was murdered in Glasgow and we hope that such extremism is not allowed to take root here. As a community wedded to peace we will show that nothing will deter us from promoting the true message of Islam that is a message of peace. Islam teaches us to help others so this year we will make an extra effort to raise even more so that many more people can benefit from this walk.”

The walks have supported 207 charities since 1998 including the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Charitable Fund, the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal, Action for Children, Age UK, Alzheimer’s Society, British Heart Foundation, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Humanity First, Macmillan Cancer Support, Royal London Society for Blind People and the Samaritans.This year’s walk is part of the community’s nationwide ‘United Against Extremism’ campaign that seeks to bring people together to show solidarity against extremism and to promote peace.

Venue: 1000 Dockside, Newham, E16 2QU
Date: Sunday 29th May 2016
website: http://www.charitywalkforpeace.org
twitter: @charitywalk_uk
For media enquiries, please contact:
Basharat Nazir, +44 7703 483384, media(at)charitywalkforpeace(dot)org
Mahmood Rafiq, +44 7971 060962, media(at)ahmadiyya(dot)org(dot)uk