Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth USA Hold StopTheCrisis Event to Stop Radicalization


The Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Association at Texas A&M invited the public to their “Stop the Crisis” event to talk about ISIS, youth radicalization and to promote what they call “true teachings” of Islam.3400 Westerners have joined the Islamic State known as ISIS in recent months. According to American Intelligence officials, more than 100 of them are Americans.These are alarming numbers which have many concerned including those who attended the “Stop the Crisis” event at the Memorial Student Center Monday night.Salman Munir, the president of the student association says there are a growing number of Americans born and raised in the U.S. that have converted to Islam who become radicalized and leave America to fight in these terror groups. Munir says ISIS groups have used the media to spread their ideology of Islam and extremism which attracts youths by the thousands.

Munir says these extremists do not represent his organization’s true meaning of Islam which is that of peace.

“ISIS is a very small minute group of people. They don’t represent what true lslam is what the true beliefs,” says Munir. “So, we just want to show people that and clear up the air and try to show that we are American Muslims we love this country. Youth radicalization is a huge problem and this is how we are going to solve the issue.”Munir says Texas A&M is one of 45 universities in the U.S. and Canada that have held “Stop the Crisis” campaigns.