Ahmadiyya Muslim Womens Association helps Stretford food bank

AS part of Islam Awareness Week, women from The Ahmadiyya Muslim Womens Association North West generously donated a number of hampers to the Stretford food bank.

The women help at the food bank as volunteers and on collection days, when volunteers at local Tesco stores collect donations for the foodbank from shoppers. Hampers were also given to care homes and hospitals in the region.

The association is very active and devotes a lot of time helping other organisations and serving humanity. At a peace symposium in November it raised £2,000 for Macmillan.

The aim of Islam Awareness Week – which ran from May 23 to May 29 – is to increase awareness of the peaceful teaching of the faith.

As part of the week, an exhibition took place at St John’s centre in Old Trafford, while girls aged from seven to 14 wrote poems for a blog about Why I Love My Faith.

Stocks are currently low at Stretford foodbank, and it would warmly welcome donations of all products except soup and beans. Contact 07564 387 209 or info@stretford.foodbank.org.uk.