Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK Centenary 1913-2013

Fazl Mosque The UK branch of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community was established in 1913 and it has a proud history of achievements over the past century including building London’s first mosque which was built in 1924. The Fazl Mosque in Southfields has the added distinction of being the only mosque in London known as ‘The London Mosque’.

In Britain alone the community now has 101 branches from Glasgow to Cornwall. It has also opened a number of mosques including the award winning Baitul Futuh Mosque in south London, which is the largest mosque in western Europe and was voted as one of the top 50 modern building in the world by the Independent newspaper magazine.

The UK is also honoured as the worldwide head of the community, His Holiness Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, resides in London from where he leads the global  community’s efforts for peace. The community remains committed to help others, engage with local communities and work for the common good. It is also very active in its charitable works and each year it raises hundreds of thousands of pounds for British charities. In 2012 alone it raised more than £350,000 of which £142,500 was donated to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Charitable Trust. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK will be marking the centenary year with a number of events throughout the UK – indeed 2013 will be a special year with a particular emphasis on the service to mankind and gratitude to God.


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