Ahmadiyya Muslim Association condemn the recent negative propaganda in Cardiff

love peace campign

Members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association condemn the recent negative propaganda in Cardiff with regards to Muslims exercising their right to vote in the forthcoming General Election.

We dissociate ourselves from this malicious campaign in the strongest possible terms. True Islamic teachings as practised by the prophet Muhammad promote a secular government with equal rights and privileges to its citizens.

Muslims believe that religion should not be the business of state. Islam offers guiding principles in matters of man’s relations to man. Quranic expectation is that its followers should “conduct their affairs by mutual consultation”.

Representative democracy captures the spirit of how governments should function. Similarly, Quran refers to “entrusting those who deserve” (4:59) pointing to an electoral process. It goes on to instruct those in government to rule with justice.

Taking the theme forward, the citizens are instructed to “obey the Lord and the prophet and those in authority” (4:60). The prophet Muhammad is reported to have dissociated himself from those who disobey those in authority (al-Muslim).

We in the Ahmadiyya Muslim community have a track record of following the “law of the land” wherever we are. We have positively contributed to British society throughout the last century that we have been citizens of this country. Today we have representatives in all mainstream political parties. We truly believe in the democratic process and will continue to do so.

Members of our youth organisation are volunteering to take down these posters and clean up. Police should take serious note of this brazen campaign. If such extremist agenda is not curbed, it will certainly lead to further intolerance and youth radicalisation.

We plan to cast our vote on May 7.