Ahmadi Muslims express sadness at the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II


Prayers Offered for Her Majesty’s Extraordinary Life of Service

The members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK, are deeply saddened to hear of the death of Her Majesty The Queen.  We mourn her loss and stand united with the nation, and the rest of the world, in paying our respects to her.

She was the Queen of all of us – regardless of faith, colour, race or background, Our Queen.

We feel her loss, and as is our tradition, we will stand in prayer that may God Almighty reward Her Majesty abundantly for all her good works.

Her Majesty provided stability in our national life, was a source of happiness and was a true servant of the people in her compassion and care for all her subjects.

As our longest serving Monarch she led and extraordinary life of service for our country and the whole of the Commonwealth – always working for the good of people.

His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Caliph (Spiritual Leader) of the Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, said:

“The death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is a truly great loss for the United Kingdom and Commonwealth. Ahmadi Muslims will remain forever grateful for the way Her Majesty served her people with immense dignity, grace and unwavering dedication throughout her long reign.

On behalf of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community , I wish to express our most sincere condolences to His Majesty King Charles III, the members of the Royal Family and to the nation. May God Almighty grant them all the patience and strength to deal with this tremendous loss.”

Rafiq Hayat, National President Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK, said:

“Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth symbolised unity, tradition, heritage and continuity – she was an abiding presence in all of our lives. Our thoughts are with her family and loved ones.

“Our hope is that her rich legacy will continue through the work of her son King Charles III and we wish him strength.  As Muslims, we express our abiding loyalty to King and country. God Save the King.”

A special remembrance service will be held at the landmark Baitul Futuh Mosque on Wednesday 14 September where we will gather as a community to reflect on HM The Queen’s life of service and offer prayers for her and for the Royal Family.


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